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Where are we in Sardinia?

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Mal di Ventre Island


It is also known as “Malu entu”, (meaning: “bad wind”), because of the sudden weather changes, it is a small jewel of the Mediterranean, 5 sea-miles from the coast, and it is part of the “marine protected area of the Sinis peninsula".

Its size is approximately 0,8 km2, and it is flat and covered with a splendid Mediterranean scrub; the eastern part is easily accessible by boat and is composed by a first larger beach and then many isolated and evocative beaches and coves. On the contrary, its western coast is higher and rocky and is difficult to access from the sea.

From an environmental point of view, the island represents both shelter for migratory land birds, such as the turtle dove, and a nest building location for seabirds, such as the European Shags or the Audouin's Gulls. There is a source of spring water that allows the survival of some species of small animals such as turtles and wild rabbits that go around the island undisturbed.

The island can be easily reached by boats or rubber dinghies that leave daily from Putzu Idu beach or Mandriola village (if the weather allows it).

Otherwise you can simply relax and enjoy, surrounded by a sea with unique transparencies and colours! For lovers of water and seabed, it is a place not to be missed.

Perfect for

True sun, sea and nature lovers. Excellent place also for snorkelling.

Beach features

Coves and beaches with medium-grained sand and rocks, with sea beds mixed to rocks. The sea slopes down rather quickly and in the coves you may find rocks and sea urchins.


No services on the island.
Some services related to the island are offered in Putzu Idu waterfront, such as boats or rubber dinghies departures, some of which also organize lunch on board, and short trekking with experienced guides or snorkelling tours.
Some services are limited to some specific seasonal periods.


From Oristano, head North following the route SS 292 towards Cuglieri. After about 13 km, turn left on route SP 10 towards Putzu Idu and continue for about 11 km to reach Putzu Idu meeting point for boats or rubber dinghies departures.

With your own boat, the nearest slipway is in Mandriola, the village immediately after the beach of Putzu Idu (1,5 km).

Useful informations

The possibility to reach the island strongly depends upon weather forecasts; during summer peak season it would be better to reserve the boat places some days before boarding. Possible presence of Poseidonia oceanica (algae) on the arrival beach.

Warning: it is very important to bring everything you need to protect yourselves from the sun to avoid sunburns and sunstrokes: sun cream, hats and beach umbrellas, as well as enough water. Considering that there are no facilities on site, it would be better to bring food and drinks, and also anything you will need during the day.

Possible difficulties with the mobile phone reception.

Mal di Ventre island
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