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Where are we in Sardinia?

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Marina di Arborea


9 km-long beach within the Gulf of Oristano, surrounded by a large pinewood of about 8 hectares.

The charming town of Arborea was built in 1928, after Mussolini’s drainage, with the contribution of people from Sardinia and from Veneto (in the North-East of Italy). Arborea is an island in the island: nowadays the agriculture and cow breeding farms are among the most modern and efficient not only in Sardinia, but in the entire country.

In the surroundings you’ll find many beautiful country villas, with lush and neat gardens and ancient buildings built in fascist architectonic style, like the town hall, the elementary school, the wine cellar and some other villas.

Perfect for

Families with children; for a nice walk or a picnic in the woods, for cycling hikes along the bicycle path that goes through all the drainage of Arborea, with 3 different paths and a total of 76 km.

Beach features

Medium-fine-grained sand; sandy seabed, sea slopes down slowly and being into the Gulf of Oristano, it is generally calm and mild. Usually, around noon there is a little sea breeze that moves the sand from the seabed and makes the sea a little less transparent than it is in the morning or in the evening.


No bathing facilities;
two bars and a restaurant-bar:
moving bazaars in peak summer season;
you can enter the swimming-pool in S’ Ena Arrubia camping with a fee;
parking lots with a fee from June 15th till September 15th.

Some services are limited to some specific seasonal periods.


From Oristano, head south following the directions to Santa Giusta, then turn right at the end of Santa Giusta suburb and follow the directions to Arborea, continue on route SP 49 for about 10 km. Follow directions to Marina di Arborea turning right after the traffic light.

Useful informations

Possible difficulties with the mobile phone reception.

seashore, Arborea
pinewood, Arborea
beach, Arborea
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beach, Arborea
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