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Where are we in Sardinia?

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The beach of Piscinas, flagship of the Costa Verde, lays inside a sandy valley and is considered the only desert in Europe.

Sand dunes created and modelled by the Mistral begin from the inland and extend to the crystal blue sea. It is a unique environment, far away from anything, which seems to be out of this world and time and which keeps alive the memory of the work in the mines.

In fact, some parts of the mooring, parts of the railway and some old carts are still visible, as well as a ford of red metallic soil in the suggestive path to arrive to Piscinas. An old Nineteenth-century building, formerly used as a storehouse for minerals, has been beautifully restructured and is now a hotel. Moreover, there is a mighty sculpture by Pietro Cascella, that inaugurated the historical and environmental Geo-mining Park of Sardinia.

Not far from the shore, on the sandy bottom, lies a wreck that carried lead and it is possible to admire its shape, its load and a cannon with just a mask and snorkel.

Perfect for

A day full of different interests, for those who love sun baths, snorkelling and a fascinating break through industrial archaeology.

Beach features

Very fine-grained golden sand, sea slopes down rather quickly.

Please note that the sea of the “Costa Verde” is often shaken by Mistral, with strong currents and high waves. When the sea is particularly rough, caution and good common sense are necessary.


Two kiosks with a bathing facility;
a wooden footbridge from parking lot until beyond the kiosks;
guarded parking lot with a fee in the summer.

Some services are limited to some specific seasonal periods.


From Oristano, head south following the directions to Santa Giusta, then turn right at the end of Santa Giusta suburb continue to Arborea, go on route SP 49 for about 17 km, until you find and follow signs to Marceddì.

At the end you’ll find a narrow bridge that you have to cross, then turn right after the bridge, following the directions to Sant’Antonio di Santadi. Then continue straight along route SP 65 for about 30 km (around 45 min).

The last 3 km to reach Piscinas are a dirt road and you’ll cross two little fords.

Please note that Marceddì bridge is narrow and not very long. In fact it is for fishermen’s use, and vehicles should not pass through it. Nevertheless, it is regularly used by residents and tourists because this passage can shorten the ride of about 20-30 km.

Useful informations

Along route SP 65 you’ll find no petrol or gas station. The road has many curves. No chance to buy magazines, newspapers, sun creams or any beach equipment on site, unless going to the nearest village, about 15 km away.

Possible difficulties with the mobile phone reception.

shore, Piscinas
beach, Piscinas
sand dunes, Piscinas
Cascella's sculpture, Piscinas
river, Piscinas
mining carts, Piscinas
kiosk, Piscinas
ford, Piscinas
gangway to bathing facility, Piscinas
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