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Where are we in Sardinia?

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San Giovanni di Sinis


Is a very nice and typical fishermen’s village, recently restored with a beautiful paved path that goes from the antique Palaeolithic church of San Giovanni until Punic and Roman rests of Tharros.

For those who don’t want only the sea, behind the long beach, you can visit the ancient town of Tharros or have a walk along the isthmus that reaches San Marco Cape, a narrow strip of land between two seas: on one side the last part of the Gulf of Oristano and on the other side the open sea.

San Giovanni di Sinis coastline includes a beach and a bay, both facing the open sea and very impressive; then a beach facing the Gulf of Oristano. This last beach is very sheltered and called “Mar Morto” (“dead sea”). Of course, the most charming side is the one facing the open sea.

San Giovanni is a nice place also to take a romantic walk during sunset or to enjoy some concerts in summer nights.

Perfect for

A day full of different interests, for those who love snorkelling, archaeology, surfing or windsurfing.

Beach features

Fine-grained sand; sea slopes down quite slowly; some rocks in the bay.


No bathing facilities;
different kiosks and bars along the seaside just behind the beach;
“Tharros train” which offers a pleasant visit lasting about 45 minutes;
a gift shop;
a diving school with equipment rental;
the visitor centre of the Marine protected area “Penisola del Sinis – Isola di Mal di Ventre” which offers different services including bike rental and theme excursions by sea or by land;
parking lots with a fee during summer period.

Some services are limited to some specific seasonal periods.


From Oristano, head north following the directions to Torregrande. After about 4 km, you’ll find a roundabout; take direction «Tharros – spiagge del Sinis», and follow the road for a total length of about 19 km.

Useful informations

In case of strong wind coming from the open sea, it is better to stay in the “dead sea” side.

Possible difficulties with the mobile phone reception.

roman columns, Tharros
paleolithic church, San Giovanni Sinis
sailing in winter, San Giovanni Sinis
creek, San Giovanni Sinis
beach, San Giovanni Sinis
train, San Giovanni Sinis
ruins, Tharros
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