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Where are we in Sardinia?

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It is a strip of sand of about 3 km, divided in two by a small cliff and surrounded by an impressive sandstone wall, filled with Mediterranean vegetation and its inspiring perfumes.

It is called the “speaking beach” because of the particular sound that the sand makes when someone walks on it.

It is located on an unspoilt and suggestive environment, and it is a marvellous place to enjoy also at sunset, because of its red reflects on the sandstone wall.

You can reach the beach from the main parking lot going down a sand slide that gives the name to the beach and that in the summer is covered by a wooden platform, making it more easy to pass through. Otherwise, you can go through some less smooth tracks in the middle of the Mediterranean vegetation to arrive in more isolated points of the beach.

Perfect for

Paragliders and fishing.

Beach features

Medium-grained golden sand, sea slopes down rather quickly, rich in fish, often moved by the wind.

Please note that the sea of the “Costa Verde” is often shaken by Mistral, with strong currents and high waves. When the sea is particularly rough, caution and good common sense are necessary.


One bathing facility, a bar on the beach and a kiosk at the beginning of the wooden passage, with shower and toilet with a fee;
parking lot with a fee in the summer.

Some services are limited to some specific seasonal periods. 


From Oristano, take route SS 131 and follow signs to Terralba/Marrubiu. Then follow the signs to Guspini on route SS 126 for about 21 km. then continue for about 20 km, following signs for Fluminimaggiore through Arbus. Then turn, direction Scivu, following route SP66.

The road from Guspini has many curves. The distance from Oristano is about 75 km, but and the estimated travel time is about an hour and a half.

Useful informations

The wooden platform that you’ll walk to reach the beach is about 100 m long and it has 70 steps.

Possible difficulties with the mobile phone reception.

"speaking" beach, Scivu
track to beach, Scivu
paragliding, Scivu
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