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Where are we in Sardinia?

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  • "speaking" beach, Scivu
    "speaking" beach, Scivu
  • panoramic, Torre dei Corsari
    panoramic, Torre dei Corsari
  • S'Archittu
  • mare, Is Aruttas
    mare, Is Aruttas
  • beach, Sa Mesa Longa
    beach, Sa Mesa Longa
  • panoramic, Scivu
    panoramic, Scivu
  • island, Sa Mesa Longa
    island, Sa Mesa Longa
  • panoramic, Pistis
    panoramic, Pistis
  • sand dunes, Piscinas
    sand dunes, Piscinas
  • Mal di Ventre island
    Mal di Ventre island
  • tourists, Is Aruttas
    tourists, Is Aruttas
  • shore, Piscinas
    shore, Piscinas
  • beach, Maimoni
    beach, Maimoni
  • beach, S'Archittu
    beach, S'Archittu
  • surfers, Pistis
    surfers, Pistis
  • panoramic, Pistis
    panoramic, Pistis
  • landscape, Mal di Ventre island
    landscape, Mal di Ventre island
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beautiful beaches, crystal clear seas, unique landscapes

The western side of Sardinia is still less known and little visited by mass tourism. You will admire characteristic and spectacular landscapes and beaches where the sun shines brightly from April to October, whereas in the middle of the touristic summer season it is still  possible to find  enough space  and  tranquillity, necessary to enjoy a  real vacation.
It is the ideal place for those who still want to observe, listen and taste the true natural beauty of this magic island.


Torre Grande

Large and broad beach in the Gulf of Oristano, delimited on one side by the mouth of River Tirso, and on the other side by a beautiful touristic little harbour. The suburb of Torregrande, named after the old Spanish tower (the biggest in ...

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Torre dei Corsari

creek, Torre dei Corsari

This place takes its name from the Flumentorgiu watchtower, built by the Spanish in the Seventeenth Century to avoid invasions and raids by Saracen pirates. From the headland where the tower is located along the road to the sea, you can enjoy one ...

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"speaking" beach, Scivu

It is a strip of sand of about 3 km, divided in two by a small cliff and surrounded by an impressive sandstone wall, filled with Mediterranean vegetation and its inspiring perfumes. It is called the “speaking beach” because of the ...

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A wonderful natural arch around 15 meters high, the result of the marine erosion of an ancient limestone cave. The arch encloses a tract of sea which therefore remains very often calm and warmer. The beach is very small and can be reached after ...

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San Giovanni di Sinis

roman columns, Tharros

Is a very nice and typical fishermen’s village, recently restored with a beautiful paved path that goes from the antique Palaeolithic church of San Giovanni until Punic and Roman rests of Tharros. For those who don’t want only the ...

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Sa Mesa Longa

beach, Sa Mesa Longa

One-kilometre long beach, surrounded by the cliffs of Capo Mannu Su Pallosu, which can be easily accesses from the beach along the paths surrounded by Mediterranean scrub. A little rocky islands lies at around 100 m from the shore, which makes ...

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Putzu Idu

beach, Putzu Idu

Very long beach with clear white sand in a fishermen’s village. It is the summer residence of most of the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages. The seafront is quite lively both during the day and the warm summer evenings by several ...

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surfers, Pistis

The first magic encounter with “Costa Verde” (green coast). Along the coastal road you’ll admire a wonderful landscape, basalt rocks and, finally, a long and broad beach that leads to the next one, Torre dei Corsari. High sand ...

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shore, Piscinas

The beach of Piscinas, flagship of the Costa Verde, lays inside a sandy valley and is considered the only desert in Europe. Sand dunes created and modelled by the Mistral begin from the inland and extend to the crystal blue sea. It is a unique ...

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Marina di Arborea

seashore, Arborea

9 km-long beach within the Gulf of Oristano, surrounded by a large pinewood of about 8 hectares. The charming town of Arborea was built in 1928, after Mussolini’s drainage, with the contribution of people from Sardinia and from Veneto (in ...

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Mal di Ventre Island

Mal di Ventre island

It is also known as “Malu entu”, (meaning: “bad wind”), because of the sudden weather changes, it is a small jewel of the Mediterranean, 5 sea-miles from the coast, and it is part of the “marine protected area of the ...

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sea, Maimoni

The beach is long, clear and broad, delimited on one side by a reef. Just few meters away from the sea, a marvellous Mediterranean vegetation decorate the landscape. Its name comes from the ancient Sardinian god of water: Maimone. In the seabed ...

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Is Aruttas

mare, Is Aruttas

The famous beach of “grains of rice” is made of tiny little quartz stones worn by the sea for thousands of years that give special white and pink shades to the beach and make it unique. The sea is transparent clear on the shores and ...

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