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Where are we in Sardinia?

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  • S'Archittu
  • panoramic, San Giovanni Sinis
    panoramic, San Giovanni Sinis
  • pink floyds, S'ena Arrubia
    pink floyds, S'ena Arrubia
  • creek, Torre dei Corsari
    creek, Torre dei Corsari
  • juniper, Piscinas
    juniper, Piscinas
  • nuraghe Losa, Abbasanta
    nuraghe Losa, Abbasanta
  • beach, S'Archittu
    beach, S'Archittu
  • cliffs, Scivu
    cliffs, Scivu
  • sand dunes, Piscinas
    sand dunes, Piscinas
  • museum, Barumini
    museum, Barumini
  • goat, Costa Verde
    goat, Costa Verde
  • "speaking" beach, Scivu
    "speaking" beach, Scivu
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A marvellous and unspoiled territory

We have been living in Sardinia for many years, and after a long activity carried out separately, we have decided to get together to cure and organize our offer at its best. Our accommodations are located in central-western Sardinia; they are simple but with all necessary comforts, to make sure your stay is extremely pleasant.

We would like to describe this part of the island from our own point of view, in order to allow you to discover this land and its wonderful and unspoiled landscapes.

This area is still little visited by mass tourism, and thus it is perfect for those who still feel like observing, listening and tasting the real beauty of Nature.

You will get from us all the best suggestions and information about the territory: how to move across the surroundings, the best places to visit, where to taste the best foods in typical places, how to organize naturalistic or archaeological hikes or simply indications to relax and enjoy at best every single beach along the coast.

Being strongly bound to this territory, we believe in the opportunity to offer you the finest conditions for a holiday of quality at the right price.


This website has been realised with the kind collaboration of:
Daniele, the graphic designer, a friend and a invaluable help; Stefano, an old friend, with Giuseppe and Angelo; Eleonora for the accurate English translation; Rolf, Giorgia and Emmi for the precise German translation; Valter for his best shots; Enrico for his continuous availability and patience.
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