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Where are we in Sardinia?

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House Mimama



Location and surroundings of the house

Useful informations

Services on request free of charge

Rental conditions


Rates range from 400.00 to 900.00 Euros per week depending on the period, the number of people and the length of stay.


Max persons


Additional services at extra charge

Linen change (both sheets and towels): 8 Euros per person per change.

Sheets or towels only: 4 Euros per person per change.

Extra cleaning of the house and baby-sitting service: prices and availabilities can be arranged as needed.

Connections and distances

Cagliari: 110.0 km

Alghero: 127.0 km.

Olbia: 173.0 km.

Porto Torres: 136.0 km.


From any direction take the S.S. 131 (or 131 S.S. bis) heading towards Oristano. Exit at "Oristano Nord" (the previous exit coming from the North is "Tramatza", while from the South is "Silì").

Please note: on the S.S. 131 (and on the S.S. 131 bis) there are many speed checks.

After the exit go straight for about 5 km than at the roundabout, take the 2 exit and keep going for about 4-5 km long at the end of which you will be in the middle of Torregrande. You will recognize it becouse you will be at a roundabout in front of a great tower.

Here turn left and keep going untill you find the number 56 A.



via del pontile,56 A


Patrizia Cappelli: 339 4427807

Mario Manca: 368 554341

e-mail :

interior, Casa Giulia
living room, Casa Giulia
double bedroom, Casa Giulia
second bedroom, Casa Giulia
large bathroom, Casa Giulia
arch, Casa Giulia
small bathroom, Casa Giulia
garden, Casa Giulia
fireplace, Casa Giulia
veranda, Casa Giulia
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