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Where are we in Sardinia?

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  • rubber dinghy of a scuba school
    rubber dinghy of a scuba school
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Diving and Touristic Fishing

Underwater itineraries and unique seabed landscapes in this area can offer special opportunities for diving fans and be a great starting point for beginners.

The waters of the Marine Protected Area, full-of-life rock breaches, the wrecks in the Mal di Ventre island and the grottos will introduce you to a new world with sea breams, conger eels, morays, groupers and barracudas.

In Putzu Idu, Su Pallosu and San Giovanni you will find equipment rental facilities, courses of different types and levels, guided diving excursions and the rental of rubber dinghies of different lengths and powers.




A new interesting activity is the “pescaturismo” (touristic fishing).

Professional fishermen will take you with their fishing boats along this coast, which is full of natural and archaeological beauties.

During the stay in the fishing boat you will be able to fish with the fishermen, you will learn about the on-board equipment, the nautical maps and the commonly used fishing gears. Fishermen will tell you all they know about the fish species usually caught that you will taste at lunchtime. You will spend a special day with people that live on the sea and with the sea.

The “pescaturismo” boats leave from Torregrande, Putzu Idu, Su Pallosu and Marceddì.

diving, Mal di Ventre island
recreational fishing, Putzu Idu
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