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Where are we in Sardinia?

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  • Acero Rosso horse breeding, Arborea
    Acero Rosso horse breeding, Arborea
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    trekking with equestrian guide, Monte Arci
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    trekking with horses, west coast Sardinia
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    trekking on the beach, Arborea
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Horse-riding is a very popular sport in Sardinia, it’s part of the history and the local culture, even more around the Oristano area, insomuch as many companies and professionalism were born around horses.

There are many truly passionate breeders who are committed to the improvement of the Sardinian Anglo Arab breed, many riding schools, equestrian centres and the various bodies involved in the organization of events and in the promotion of this specific cultural heritage. In particular, the Chamber of Commerce of Oristano has tried to develop and enhance a network of country lanes, the so-called horse trails, that can be followed on horseback and offer a valuable opportunity for equestrian tourism.

The beginners can learn the basics with attentive and qualified instructors, while the more experienced riders will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills by following courses of different level; but perhaps the most exciting and evocative activity in this area is trekking.

Experienced equestrian guides, certified by the national associations, will accompany you during easy rides lasting only few hours, as well as during more challenging rides lasting for days. You will be delighted to discover a natural environment of rare beauty and variety; you will follow itineraries through the clear waters and white beaches or along rivers and ponds with their unique vegetation, riding among green Mediterranean hills coming across fascinating archaeological sites full of charm and mystery.

The ideal time for trekking is during spring when the sun is warm and nature awakens from his winter hibernation, thus making you enjoy the spectacular colours and fragrances, or also at the end of the summer which in Sardinia lasts until October is a time rich in naturalistic / environmental interest, rather than during winter months, even though here they are always very mild.

Among the equestrian centres in the area, we highlight the Arborea one, "Horse Country" for short walks and courses and the one in Su Pallosu, "Centro Ippico Sinis" with specialized guides for several days of trekking.


Centro Ippico Sinis
Antonio Fenu ph. +39 347 3838551


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