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Where are we in Sardinia?

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  • excursion in rubber dinghy, Mal di Ventre island
    excursion in rubber dinghy, Mal di Ventre island
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Mal di Ventre Island tours and…

The most popular tour is the one to the island of Mal di Ventre, so from June to September, the service is provided by multiple vendors, from Putzu Idu there are rubber dinghies shuttles leaving towards the island, every day, according to the weather conditions, with the possibility of dining on board too, strictly with a sea menu. The simple shuttle service can be associated with snorkelling excursions: the rocky seabed of the Marine Protected Area are rich in sea species and they also hold a fascinating relic of an ancient boat, which can be a curious experience for a different day.

Beyond the island, there are several other alternative and very interesting itineraries in that area, which you can explore together with environmental expert guides both by land and by sea. There are also boat and rubber dinghy trips to destinations either pre-selected or agreed together with you, which depart from Piscinas and Putzu Idu; as well as guided snorkelling along the coast.

In addition to the turquoise sea, the territory has thousands of secrets to reveal among evocative reefs, white cliffs, nature reserves, pristine ponds, ancient towers and ruins. Environmental or archaeological visits accompanied by experienced guides by SUV, mountain bike or by foot will take you to unexpected places, often unknown even to the inhabitants themselves. This service is provided in Putzu Idu, Piscinas and San Giovanni di Sinis.

A last curiosity is the canoeing tour not only within the Gulf of Oristano, but also upstream the river Tirso, which departs from Torregrande.

snorkeling, Mal di Ventre island
canoe ride, Tirso river
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