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Where are we in Sardinia?

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Beyond the beach...

Several are the offers for sea and earth sports, unusual tours, or thematic trekking in this area, especially during summertime.

Every year, new types of services arise, even if visitors’ requests are generally limited to few of them and this often excludes more curious and interesting activities. Thus, not always the touristic facilities offering these services have a long-time experience, while others can offer seriousness, efficiency and organization.

We propose here some of the services existing in this area at the moment. It has to be considered, though, that most of them require a reservation and a minimum number of participants, especially if it is not summertime.


Water Boarding and Sailing

kite surf, Putzu Idu

This part of Sardinia is particularly windblown, especially by “Maestrale”, a strong North-westerly wind, and this makes it a real Paradise for sailors, windsurfers, kite surfers and surfers. This is so true that every May, for the ...

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Tennis, Beach sports and more…

tennis, Torre Grande

For sports lovers who want to be active even on vacation… Behind the Torregrande seafront, there is a tennis club with 5 mateco courts, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and on the left-hand side of the beach; the “Eolo Beach” ...

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Mal di Ventre Island tours and…

excursion in rubber dinghy, Mal di Ventre island

The most popular tour is the one to the island of Mal di Ventre, so from June to September, the service is provided by multiple vendors, from Putzu Idu there are rubber dinghies shuttles leaving towards the island, every day, according to the ...

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Horse-riding is a very popular sport in Sardinia, it’s part of the history and the local culture, even more around the Oristano area, insomuch as many companies and professionalism were born around horses. There are many truly passionate ...

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golf in Is Arenas

In the gorgeous pine forest of “Is Arenas” one of the most impressive golfing course of Europe has been realized, from a naturalistic point of view, but also one of funniest. It has been designed by famous American architects and it ...

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Diving and Touristic Fishing

rubber dinghy of a scuba school

Underwater itineraries and unique seabed landscapes in this area can offer special opportunities for diving fans and be a great starting point for beginners. The waters of the Marine Protected Area, full-of-life rock breaches, the wrecks in the ...

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