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Where are we in Sardinia?

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Arborea, once called Mussolinia, is a pleasant seaside village built in 1928, after the drainage of the surrounding marshes, which were the cause of serious outbreaks of malaria. Sardinian people and settlers, especially Venetian, completed that great work, and then created peasant family farms.

Today Arborea has a system of cutting edge agro-zootechnical enterprises for the intensive production of cow's milk, which is then directly transformed in the modern industries all around. It's a reality that is unique in the region. The town also has a trade fair center and there, on the weekend closest to May 1st, there is a major agricultural and zoo technical fair with the tasting of excellent local strawberries.

In the town center you will find the beautiful Maria Ausiliatrice square, with the Tyrolean-style church and its neat garden, overlooked by many ancient Mussolini-style structures, such as the city hall, the primary school and the Gallo Bianco inn. The former winery is also worth a visit: now it’s where the shopping center is; also, you should not miss the palace of the Sardinian Drainage Company. In the surrounding area, you can see wonderful colonial houses and modern villas, surrounded by lush gardens, lovingly taken care of by the companies.

In the territory of Arborea there are two wetlands of great natural interest, S’Ena Arrubia and Corru S'Ittiri, ideal for birdwatchers: with a little patience and luck, you can spot many rare marsh birds: the pink flamingos, the herons, the kingfishers, the least bitterns, the red heron, and many more.

Another pleasant naturalistic trail, especially during mid-season, goes along a cycle lane. This is divided into three tracks for a total of 76 km, and the trail unravels through the countryside and also along the pond of S'Ena Arrubia and the wide pinewood which stretches out for eight acres in front of the sea.

The coast of Marina di Arborea is about 9 km long and is located within the Gulf of Oristano, so the sea is always warm and very quiet, and thus it is ideal for families with children.

city hall, Arborea
corn field, Arborea
Società Bonifiche Sarde building, Arborea
typical house, Arborea
SS. Redentore church, Arborea
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