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Where are we in Sardinia?

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San Vero Milis

San Vero Milis is a small village in the North-Western end of the Campidano plain, close to the Montiferru, volcanic massif, so-called because of the iron mining.

It’s a small farming town, which stands out for the craft of rush baskets, typical plant of the local wetlands, and for the production of Vernaccia, a fortified but delicate wine, typical of the area around Oristano.The name of this wine comes from the "uva vernacula", the local grape. The Vernaccia from San Vero, compared to the others, has a delicate scent of almonds coming from a particular mould that grows on the wine when the barrel is not completely full.

From the rush, dried and then woven, baskets and panniers were made. What once was just done in the household has since become a true artistic expression, appreciated and rare, although right in this village the tradition is still very alive.

The territory of San Vero Milis, however, is not just limited to the internal and the agricultural area, but it stretches over 70 square kilometers including the marina; we are talking about over 20 km of coast among beaches and cliffs.

Between the town and the sea you can appreciate different natural habitats of rare beauty, such as sand dunes, the pinewood of Is Arenas, the ponds of Sa ‘e Proccus, Sa salina manna and Is Benas (where you can see different species of water birds) and finally the promontory of Capo Mannu with the Spanish guard tower, a surfer's paradise.

Around the area there are numerous evidences of the past, Domus de Janas (the fairy houses) and “nuraghe”, the largest of which, S'Urachi, is at the entrance of the village; during the Roman Age the Coracodes Portus, the port in Capo Mannu, was very important.

Worth of note is the parish church of Santa Sofia with its bell tower, dating back to 1604; its facade reflects the Sardinian eclecticism of that period and includes elements of other artistic traditions, such as the circular Gothic rose window and the three Renaissance entrances.

Santa Sofia church, San Vero Milis
bell tower, San Vero Milis
main door Santa Sofia church, San Vero Milis
house of "Campidano", San Vero Milis
piazza Santa Sofia, San Vero Milis
Santa Sofia church interior, San Vero Milis
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