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Where are we in Sardinia?

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Costa Verde and Geo-mining Park

The Costa Verde is a long stretch of the Southwest coastline with truly beautiful natural features, an environment which is still unspoiled and rich in Mediterranean vegetation. Bushes of broom, arbutus and juniper trees cover the mountains and the valleys, and also part of the sand dunes, making the view just spectacular, with vivid colors and scents that change in every season.

The green mountains descend rapidly towards the crystal clear sea, with golden sand dunes, sheer sea cliffs and rocky coves. It's an unspoiled territory, where time is suspended; it was the base for several mining activities until the middle of last century, and there you can still find remnants of how the work in the mines was. This makes the site even more impressive: old buildings, deserted villages and rusted trucks add charm to an environment which is already very wonderful and wild. In this area the "Geo-mining Environmental History Park of Sardinia" has been established and it has been officially recognized by UNESCO in 1997 as the first park in the worldwide network of Geosites / Geoparks.

Here you will find what is considered as the only desert in Europe: the beautiful sand dunes of Piscinas, which are definitely worth the trip; they are so peculiar to be chosen as a set for films.

Other very beautiful places are: the Torre dei Corsari tower, with its golden sand dunes and the sea breaking on the cliffs; the beach of Scivu, with its unique sandstone wall; Bugerru, the old mining town perched among the rocks; the stack of Pan di Zucchero (“sugar loaf”) with all the historic charm of Porto Flavia.

In this part of the coast what strikes you is the silence: there are very few industrial plants, a few rows of umbrellas and no mass tourism; only the great sight of nature!

direction palace, Ingurtosu
mining carts, Piscinas
goat, Costa Verde
mining area, Costa Verde
indian fig, Costa verde
mining gallery
Parco Geominerario Storico Ambientale
juniper, Costa Verde
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