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Where are we in Sardinia?

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  • launeddas, typical sardinian musical instrument, feast of Is Corridoris San Salvatore
    launeddas, typical sardinian musical instrument, feast of Is Corridoris San Salvatore
  • strawberry feast, Arborea
    strawberry feast, Arborea
  • stand in bottarga feast, Cabras
    stand in bottarga feast, Cabras
  • basket stand
    basket stand
  • events in parco dei suoni, Riola Sardo
    events in parco dei suoni, Riola Sardo
  • sardinian oil and bottarga, Cabras feast
    sardinian oil and bottarga, Cabras feast
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The celebrations and the commemoration of religious rites, often mixed with profane ancient customs, are an integral part of the history and culture of Sardinia, and they are as many as the villages on the island. Numerous festivals are also related to local customs and traditions: for example the agro-food ones that enhance the genuine products of the land and the sea, or the ones that celebrate the traditions, that are still unchanged over time.

Local authorities and cultural associations also offer a great summer calendar of events. In order to avoid missing any opportunity, you should pay attention to posters and brochures available in shops and meeting places, and you should have a look at the advertising billboards and the local newspapers as well. It is quite hard for us to introduce all of them and thus below you will find just a small list of some of the most popular events, but there are many others that are worth a visit.

In early August, in the ponds of Santa Giusta and Cabras, there are the boat races of "Is fassonis": they are speed races with boats of prehistoric origin, made by weaving a type of a local aquatic rush. In the first weekend of September, you can watch the “corsa degli Scalzi” (the barefoot race) between Cabras and San Salvatore: "Is corridoris" (the runners), barefoot and wearing the traditional white frock, carry the statue of “the saint” on their shoulders for more than 7 km. In Oristano, in the famous sanctuary of Madonna del Rimedio, on the 8th of September a celebration is held in honor of the Virgin Mary. The religious celebrations attract pilgrims from all over the island and Masses follow one another throughout the day. In the public square there are food tasting stands and stalls that will cheer everyone up after the Mass.

During the weekend closest to May 1st, the Strawberry Fair is held in the exhibition center of Arborea. Do not miss the free tastings of strawberries and cream, and the possibility to purchase them directly from the producers! It is an agricultural fair, where the finest cattle and the most modern agricultural machinery are also presented, in addition to the classic food and crafts stands and nursery exhibitions. Arborea, which is a former drainage area inhabited by settlers from Veneto and Emilia Romagna, is the place to taste the “polenta” in October and to taste typical dishes of local ethnic groups in the summer.

In November, you can taste the new oil in Seneghe during the “Open oil mills” festival while in Milis you can discover the new wines of the entire region, at the festival with the same name. This last one is the most important event dedicated to this particular regional product, with a final award to the best Sardinian new wine. On-site exhibitions and guided tours will help you appreciate the peculiarities of the historical village.

In the evocative setting of the square of the pond inCabras, in August, there is the “bottarga” (mullet roe) festival with the possibility to taste dishes with this delicacy, right where its origins are.

In the last weekend of October, in Villaurbana, there are Regional exhibitions and the “Su Pani fattu in Domu” (home-made bread) festival. In an old manor house, where there is the museum of home-made bread, you can learn about the tools and the furniture of the ancient times, and you can follow all the process from the wheat harvest to freshly baked bread. Then, along the streets of the village, it is possible to taste and purchase all different types of bread.

The National Forests Body of Sardinia organizes the "open forests" event, which takes place in spring and in autumn, for a total of about eight Sundays during which there are several excursions and recreational sports activities planned for both adults and children in various natural settings which are usually difficult to access.

Among the several events, in Torregrande the Open Water Challenge takes place in May/June: three intense days of water-boarding, with competitions at national level, presentation of products and the latest in this field and the possibility to try free lessons to approach these disciplines. There will also be music and shows in the evenings as well as beach sports tournaments.

Sardegnacavalli is an equestrian event held in September in Santa Giusta, with competitions and performances, breeding exhibitions and conferences and also the usual food and crafts stalls.

In Torregrande you can also be part of the "May of the tower": it takes place every Sunday of the month with the organization of different fairs of antiques, ceramics, organic products or food in general, and floriculture. Moreover, there will be demonstrations, performances, contests and competitions.

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Is Fassonis, Santa Giusta
Giovanni Allevi in concert, Riola Sardo
barefooted run, San Salvatore
Dromos Festival South Ballet, parco dei suoni Riola Sardo
stand in feast, Cabras
Open Water Challenge 2011 depliant, Torre Grande
Paolo Fresu in concert
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