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Where are we in Sardinia?

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    sea urchins
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    pecorino sardo, sardinian sheep milk cheese
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    typical sardinian cheese, casizolu
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    sardinian sweets
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The cuisine in Sardinia is as varied as the different landscapes you can find: the delicate flavors of the sea go side by side with the strong flavors of the ancient agro-pastoral tradition. Elaborate foods are few, but the genuineness in all flavors and in all products used is the main feature of the cuisine of the island, from meat to cheese, from homemade pasta to wines.

An integral part of the local gastronomic tradition, related to the life of fishermen and the conservation of fish, are “bottarga”, salted and dried mullet roe, and "sa Merca,", cooked and salted mullets, covered with a particular marsh grass. These are real delicacies, the first one as a starter and a seasoning for pasta, the latter as a second course.

Sea urchins are another delicacy, on a bruschetta of pistoccu bread with a good Vermentino di Sardegna or as a special sauce for spaghetti; mussels and clams of Marceddì, are excellent, and the Sardinian fregola with shellfish is just delicious.

Among the traditional food of the land you definitely should try the Campidanese malloreddus, seasoned with a sauce made of sausages, the ricotta and spinach ravioli, the typical roast pig (the best ones come from farms where they are left wild and they are fed only with natural products); also the Red Ox of Montiferru has a particularly tasty meat, and from milk you get some exquisite cheeses such as Casizolu and Trizza.

The island offers the largest production of sheep cheese in Europe; there are many cheese factories and many of them produce their own PDO sheep cheese (the “pecorino”). For those who like strong flavors, the real "Casu Martzu" (the “rotten” cheese) can’t be found in the stores, but you can try it only privately, at a friend’s house!

Finally the seada with local honey: it’s an unusual and delicious dessert that combines harmoniously the salty taste to the sweet one, then the “formaggelle”, an Easter cake made of cheese or ricotta, or else dry biscuits made of almond paste and the mustazzolus a typical Oristano dessert. All of this should be accompanied by liquors, often homemade, like the lemon cream, the myrtle liquor and the Filu ferru or the fine Vernaccia di Oristano and the Malvasia of Bosa.

sardinian bottarga
spaghetti with mussels from Marceddì lagoon
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