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Where are we in Sardinia?

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  • sunset, Cabras lagoon
    sunset, Cabras lagoon
  • quartz, Marine Protected Area
    quartz, Marine Protected Area
  • wildlife in the lagoon, S'ena Arrubia
    wildlife in the lagoon, S'ena Arrubia
  • Su Tingiosu cliffs, Marine Protected Area
    Su Tingiosu cliffs, Marine Protected Area
  • black-winged stilt, Santa Giusta lagoon
    black-winged stilt, Santa Giusta lagoon
  • pink floyds, S'ena Arrubia
    pink floyds, S'ena Arrubia
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Marine protected area and ponds

Since 1997, when the Marine Protected Area "Sinis Peninsula - Island of Mal di Ventre" was instituted, this Body is concerned with the preservation of the marine and coastal environment, and of all the living species included in it.

It reaches out from Su Siccu, within the Gulf of Oristano, up to the white cliffs of Su Tingiosu.

This area includes a long series of beaches, and some of them have a unique ecosystem, such as the quartz sand beaches of Maimoni, Mari Ermi and Is Aruttas and a small jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Mal di Ventre.

There are many ponds in the district of Oristano: the ponds of Santa Giusta, of Cabras, of Mistras, of S'ena Arrubia of Corrus Ittiri, of Corru Mannu, of Sale Porcus and the one of Is Benas.

The ponds have a very unique and delicate ecosystem, which strongly meets with local traditions, such as the use of fish traps (“lavorieri”) and the fishing of the grey mullet for its roe, or the competition of "Is Fassois".

In the ponds dozens of water birds live and nest such as pink flamingos, peregrine falcons, herons, the sultan chicken... The LIFE+ Nature project aims at safeguarding the area, while the pond of Cabras has been included in the Ramsar Convention for the presence of rare water birds, almost disappeared in other European regions. For birdwatchers this area is a treasure house of discoveries.

wildlife, Mistras lagoon
rocks, Marine Protected Area
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