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Where are we in Sardinia?

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  • span, Sartiglia 2011 Oristano
    span, Sartiglia 2011 Oristano
  • Su Componidori, Sartiglia Oristano
    Su Componidori, Sartiglia Oristano
  • drummers, Sartiglia Oristano
    drummers, Sartiglia Oristano
  • typical costume, Oristano
    typical costume, Oristano
  • horse exhibition, Sartiglia Oristano
    horse exhibition, Sartiglia Oristano
  • span from behind, Sartiglia Oristano
    span from behind, Sartiglia Oristano
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Sartiglia ... means Carnival!

In Sardinia the carnival is strongly felt everywhere, and often the events are the representations of ancient rituals and ancestral superstitions, embodied by the scary appeal of mute masks.
There are few carnivals with parades of cheerful floats; instead, many of them have a more mystical and ancient taste. They are not just lightweight, but they are something much more exciting than that.

In particular, the Carnival of Oristano is rich of exciting equestrian performances.

Special attention goes to the “Sartiglia” of Oristano: this is a wonderful equestrian event, an ancient ritual which always has a new look; it enhances the pride of Sardinians: strong people with great passions. This tournament is organized on the last Sunday and the last Tuesday of Carnival.

Valiant knights entertain their audience with a spectacular show of spans and magic stars. A long procession of people dressed in typical Sardinian costumes dating back to the age of Eleonora of Arborea, precedes the arrival of “Su Componidori”: he is the chief of the race, a holy figure with a mysterious mask, and he is followed by a procession of horsemen. He starts the party, among the colors of the trappings and the sound of drummers and trumpeters.

You will watch wild gallop races to spear the star of good fortune, and courageous span performances that will leave you just breathless.This is truly a unique carnival.

In 2016 the 551st edition will take place from the 7th till the 9th of February.

On the Monday, a shorter version of the Sartiglia takes place for young riders (9-16 years): "Sa Sartigliedda"; and at the end of the day there is a confetti feast.
Instead, a few weeks before, for toddlers, there is the "Sa Sartill'e canna" where the “zippole”, typical Carnival candies, are offered to everyone.


In Santu Lussurgiu you can watch the "Sa Carrela ‘e Nanti": it’s a horse race in the historic center of this medieval town, that runs along a path full of ups and downs, curves and bottlenecks very close to the houses. The riders, masked in spans, show their skills by maintaining their elegance and grace and those of their horses, while the trappings and the care of the horses is also very important.

In Marrubiu you will celebrate "Su Marrulleri", a regional meeting of floats that parade on the first Sunday of Lent throughout the town, each of them followed by its own group of people in masks, who dance accompanied by music.

Karrasegare, the carnival of Bosa, is peculiar for its unique representations. First, the inhabitants of the town, covered by a mantle and with crosses painted on their face, go knocking on the doors with spits in their hands in order to receive meat and sausages as a gift and then roast them for a tasty meal.

Then, on Mardi Gras, the typical masks (men dressed in black female dresses), pass through the streets singing a lament for the death of the Carnival; Lastly there is the search for "Giolzi", puppets that were hidden during the previous days and that represent the carnival.

When all the "Giolzi" have been found, they are burned in a huge bonfire that concludes the festival.

span, Sartiglia 2012 Oristano Franco Sanna photographer
spanish costume, Sartiglia Oristano
race to catch the star, Sartiglia 2012, Oristano
blessing, Sartiglia Oristano
race to catch the star, Sartiglia 2012 Oristano
Su Componidori, Sartiglia 2012 Oristano
trumpeters Sartiglia, Oristano
sardinian costume span, Sartiglia Oristano
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